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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Set the Wayback Machine for 1976, Sherman.

It's 1976 all over again.

The country club Old Geezer Republicans have met in the Bohemian Grove or at the Bilderberg Conference or wherever it is they go to in order to roll the bones and decide whose turn it is to lose a presidential race to the Democrats.

I think I'm angrier at the Republicans than I am with the Democrats. At least the Dems were honest about believing they were smarter than me and they are quite open about knowing how to spend my money better than I do. The country club Rockefeller Republicans also think they are smarter than me, but pretend they don't. They have thoroughly manipulated the primary process in order to get their boy nominated. They expect us conservatives to line up behind him in lock step once they've got him confirmed. I mean, it is John McCain's turn after all.
This is going to be a real surprise to them, but it ain't gonna happen!

They've forgotten what happened when they did that back in 1976 and the disastrous Jimmy Carter walked away with the Oval Office from good old boy, Gerald Ford. They've forgotten 1994 when country clubber George H.W. Bush the Elder betrayed conservatives by hiking taxes and lost the presidency to upstart womanizer Bill Clinton. They were really out to lunch when they picked the elderly Washington insider, Bob Dole and Clinton won again on his way to a near impeachment (saved from that ignominious fate, ironically, by a coalition of Rockefeller Republican senators).
This is the kind of arrogance that gets us into particularly nasty wars (the kind we lose). The "New World Order" schemes of the foreign policy geniuses on the left inevitably go all to hell because everybody else in the world fails to recognize that "the smartest president in history (whoever is the latest Democrat president)" is smarter than they are. After that, we always wind up in a big funky old shooting war with leaders in place who aren't willing to win it.

We got lucky last time that the president whose dim-witted, wimpy efforts at world domination set off the war drums in the first place wasn't the president in office when the planes actually hit the towers. Thank God for George W. Bush, son of a country club Republican who learned a little something from Ronald Reagan and took the fight to the bad guys.

Well, now the Rockefeller Big Government Republicans have set us up to lose the big one again. Expecting the conservatives to fall in line and vote for whoever they are told to vote for is a big mistake. The trouble is that we've had the experience of a real leader in Ronald Reagan and conservatives will never forget how glorious that was.

Till we find one, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm digging a fallout shelter in my backyard.

In the meantime, keep your magic tin-foil hats on to protect your brain. With all the bewildering rhetoric that will be flying about during the run up to November, you're gonna need it.

Just One Man's Opinion,


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