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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Wrong Ron

My choice for next president has withdrawn from the race. Fred's thrown in the towel. I think he's relieved. Taking up Ron Reagan's mantle is an intimidating thing. It's hard stand up in the harsh light of the inevitable comparisons and Fred doesn't have Reagan's charm, wit and magnetism, let's face it.

Now that Fred's gone, though, the Ron Paul people are jumping all over Fred Thompson supporters begging them to come on over to the Ron Paul pool - the water's fine! As though, that makes any sense at all. You know, it's utterly amazing to me that people can be so thick.

Don't get me wrong. On several issues, Ron Paul has some good ideas, but like every pseudo-conservative left in the race, he has that one big fatal flaw.

Ron's isolationist foreign policy is suicidal. You can't build a big wall around America and keep out the bad guys forever. It doesn't work. Never has and never will. No fortification in history has ever withstood all seiges. Inevitably, the walls come a-tumblin' down.

A strong offense is the only defense that will ever work. It's one thing George W. got right. It's not a coincidence we haven't seen a mushroom cloud over an American city since 9/11. It isn't because they didn't want to. It's because most of the hate-filled old geezers who planned and helped execute it are either dead or hiding in a cave somewhere.

The anti-war people love to rattle off bogus statistics and everyone loves to try and paint Saddam as innocent and not responsible for 9/11. Well, so what if he wasn't. He did a little dance of joy on TV when he heard about it. For that alone, we should have knocked him on his butt! Oh, and by the way, he was in violation of virtually every condition of the peace agreement from the first war. All he had to do to stop it was let us look at his weapons stores to make sure he didn't have anything nasty - AND HE REFUSED! It would have been foolish for us to have ignored that.

Oh and another thing! The first thing Saddam did in the first Iraq war (which he started if I remember right) was ship his really valuable weapons across the border to Iran and Syria. Want to bet where his really nasty stuff went to when we ran over his sorry butt with tanks?

Hopefully he sent his WMD's to someone who's smart enough to realize that using them against the US would result in his sitting in a puddle of melted glass wondering where his skin went to.

What would happen if we put an isolationist like Ron Paul in the White House? Well, immediately after we build the wall around our country (I'm not talking about a border fence either), everybody outside goes to work trying to figure out how to breach the wall. You think these guys will be happy creating a Muslim paradise amongst the sand dunes? They weren't last time they started one. First thing they did was start conquering Europe and Africa. Why should they be content among the dunes this time around? Read their literature people.

And I promise you, the war outside the "Great Isolationist Wall of America" that Ron Paul wants to construct will soon overflow our own walls. When the world looks round at the ashes of their own countries, they're gonna want to find some green space. The only way we can ever protect our American way of life absolutely is to pick us all up and move us to another planet and don't tell anyone here on Earth where we went.

And that will only help so long as they don't build a starship and come find us. Fortunately, I think Jesus is going to move us good guys off planet pretty soon and once that happens, I suspect the folks that are left won't take too long before they start pressing the little red buttons and creating their own private hell on Earth. I, for one, don't believe God has to make a hell. Just leave us alone and we'll make our own thank you very much. If we didn't have divisions of angels holding back the winds of strife right now, we'd all be in big trouble.

We're at war folks and saying we're not doesn't make it not so. This is good versus evil stuff. Pick a side. Oh, and you don't get to not play. Ignoring the people who want to harm you doesn't help protect you. I learned that in junior high school. The world's thugs and bullies always beat you up anyway, even if you try to leave them alone and mind your own business. That's what's wrong with the Ron Paul foreign policy plan!

Why is it that someone like Ron Paul, who does have some good ideas, always has to have that little touch of insanity that makes them an unacceptable candidate.

Dang it, I miss Ronald Reagan.

Just One Man's Opinion...

Tom King


Anonymous said...

i thought ron paul wanted to trade with many nations thereby bringing more peace. oh by the way, i have this rock that prevents america from being bombed, would you like to buy it?


Tom King said...

You guys reallly know how to win friends and influence people. (That was sarcasm if you missed it). Like I said in my post, he's right in a lot of good places, but the one place where he's wrong is the place that scares me the most.

7,000 years of military history has taught us that fortresses will not stand. On a micro-scale, I remember my school years. You couldn't have found a nicer, more harmless guy than me. All I wanted was to do my schoolwork and be left alone. I used to get beat up regularly. Why? Because the local thugs knew they could do it and I wouldn't fight back (I was a Christian and believed the whole turn the other cheek thing on a personal level).

Sadly, Kole, the world is full of thugs. Somebody has to fight them on behalf of those who can't. America can, thank God. When we lose the will to fight, we cede the world to the bully nations and we leave their people to the mercy of the bombers, poison gassers and wholesale exterminators.

I want a stronger policy of hitting back against thugs and bullies, not isolationism. It's Ron Paul's fatal flaw. It's the point that makes nothing else he says relevant. All a healthy economy and happy nation is going to get us is the rage of those who have messed up their own nations and are enraged because we are doing better than we are.

They are like the zero sum game economists who firmly believe that if someone is getting rich, he is taking it from the poor. That only happens with despotic nations, not free market ones that value liberty. When the world collapses under the weight of socialism, they will come looking for us because they will be starving and we'll be the only decent food pantry in town.


Anonymous said...

Well said! Can I write your name on the ballot?


Tom King said...

No, I don't have the credentials, but if we could find anybody worthwhile that needs a good speechwriter, I'd sure like a shot at it.

Wouldn't you have loved to be Reagan's speechwriter? There's that memorable scene where one of his writer's asked him if he was sure he wanted to leave in the "Tear down this wall.." line.

Reagan thought about it for a second and then said that he knew the boys in the state department would hate it, but '...better leave it in. It's the right thing to do."

Wow, what a breath-taking moment in history!

I envy that speechwriter.