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Monday, January 26, 2015

Commercial Space Race Gets Kick in the Pants!

Google and Fidelity have invested 1 billion buckazoids in Space-X.

Wow! Private commercial spaceflight gets a kick in the butt just when it needs to. Hooray!

Also, Space-X is building launch facilities on the Texas Gulf Coast. That way when the US economy collapses and Texas secedes, they'll still have a place to launch rockets from and Texas will have its own space program.

Personally, I think we should add the moon as a Texas county and start mining and manufacturing operations immediately - get Brown and Root to build the plants. We could certainly defend the place. We make nukes in Amarillo! Also we have Chuck Norris in case war breaks out.  One war, one Ranger!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Book Release: Wampus Cat's Cure for Alcoholism and Other East Texas Stories

Just a quick self-indulgence this time.  My new book Wampus Cat's Cure for Alcoholism and other East Texas Stories is out this week on Amazon Kindle. Here's the book description:

Tom King's family stories and legends from East Texas introduce a fascinating collection of oddballs, characters, hound dogs and unusual ancestors. Tom King dips into the stories his grandfather and other gifted East Texas storytellers have shared over the years and offers up a couple of tall tales of his own. This colorful collection of characters include Wampus Cat, a reformed alcoholic and his mother-in-law; Cousin Alonso, an early twentieth century pioneer in special effects and pyrotechnics; Old Bob the water-walking wonder dog (she appears in two stories); Beulah the town's star testifier; and the legendary Aunt Agnes, who wages her own brand of guerrilla warfare during the Civil War in East Texas. Her weapons? A large quantity of lard, an old pipe and an aerial biscuit bombardment which crusty old Aunt Agnes and an assortment of pint-sized anarchist nephews use to cause a surprising amount of discomfort to the rebel forces in the neighborhood.