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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Handbag-Fu: Grandma Gets Militant

It's pretty tough to make me laugh on a day like today has been, but this sweet little old lady put me on the floor.  Watch for the air bag deployment.  Boo-ya!

Can you imagine the guy in the car below trying to sue her, especially with a video of the incident available.  A Texas Jury would have put his Yuppie butt in the klink for honking at her and decided he'd got his just deserts with an airbag to the face.

No kidding, we have no sense of humor about tormenting elderly women around here.  A Cleburne, Texas judge once put a high school star football player in jail for that kind of thing. The kid was out jogging and flipped off a little old English teacher at a stop sign and said something ugly. She called the cops, half of whom had been in her English class back when they were in high school and they still call her Mrs. Baker - respectfully. The dispatcher rolled two cars and they picked this kid up before he got home. He spent the next 3 days lying around a jail cell in sweatpants waiting for the Judge to get around to arraigning him. Frightening little old ladies is one of those thing's that is just beyond the pale in Texas.  

In the video below, however, the guy gets what he deserves! 

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