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Friday, February 19, 2010

Is That Anything Like Corbomite?

"Prepare to execute the corbomite maneuver."
                                                       - Cpt. James T. Kirk

I walked into the closet this morning and stood there looking at the shelves and hangers. Then I just walked out.

"What were you doing in there so long?" my wife asked.

"I dunno."

Yesterday I came upstairs to the kitchen, opened the fridge and just stood there with a blank look. When I came back down my wife asked, "What were you doing up there so long?"

"I dunno."

I was sitting by the TV last night cycling through the 156 channels. On my 4th pass, my wife asked, "What are you looking for?"

"My favorite show."

She looked curiously at me. "Which is what?" she asked.

"I dunno."

This morning, Glenn Beck said that if I buy Carbonite and then lose my memories, I'll get them back.

I need to get me some of that stuff. Does it come in a liquid or a tablet?



Suzanne said...

If you find out where you can get this stuff - PLEASE let me know coz I have had this condition for years now.

Mark Milliorn said...

I occasionally put refrigerated items in the pantry, and vice-versa. Luckily, I prepared for this years ago by becoming an academic. Now, I'm not senile, I'm just absentminded.