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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Way to Say He's Tough

A fellow blogger, Nancy Coburn lamented today at the expression, "He (or she) has b.......s.".  This is a family blog, so I'll leave it to your imagination as to what anatomical part the expression refers to.  Leave it to say, the expression means that the person is tough.You could also, as accurately, say he or she has "testosterone" Testosterone is, after all associated with the first expression and testosterone is the hormone that makes you tough, tenacious and aggressive. That unfortunately common expression is generally use to describe that characteristic of male aggressiveness and determination.  Nancy wondered why there was no similar expression that draws from the other side of the gender divide, say "He or she has got hooters" for instance.  I'm just quoting here, so don't blame me. 

I suppose you could also say that he or she has "estrogen", but then that's got a lot of conflicting images associated with it, depending on what estrogen does to you or your wife.
He's got estrogen could mean he likes long walks on the beach, hot bubble baths and talking till dawn or it could mean that several days a month you want to hide any heavy or sharp cooking utensils lying about the house.

Either way, I don't think, as a guy, I'd appreciate being told I had "estrogen" (or hooters for that matter).  That's just not something most guys want to have.

I'm just sayin'


* I wish to formally thank Jean Claude Van Damme for the use of his pectorals.  If you're gonna have hooters they should at least be chiseled ones!

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