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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Why the Birthers Need to Back Off!

"The birthers"? Now we've got the "Obama was born in Kenya" crowd calling themselves by the kook name given to them by the media?   PLEASE, you guys. We're getting some real work done right now. We're discrediting Obama's staff. We're discrediting his policies by reading the actual legislation to a public that never would have read it for themselves. Obama's approval rating is plunging.

Whether he has a legitimate birth certificate or not, this "birther" thing is playing to his advantage. If he doesn't have one, he's got the judges to keep this dinking around in the lower courts forever. Meanwhile the media, the late-night TV talk shows, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Saturday Night Live dismissively call you "birthers" and make you look like kooks. If he does have a legit birth certificate, he can let them keep tormenting you till it is to his advantage and then, voila, he tosses out the real deal as a smoke screen to cover up something really awful he's trying to get across at the time. The man's good at misdirection and sleight of hand. The sympathy that releasing the real "BC" would generate for him with the American public would thoroughly discredit conservatives by association. BHO can dodge this for years. Better to focus on 2010, elect a new congress and then get a "show your birth certificate" provision written into law before the 2012 election.

One self-proclaimed "birther" even suggested we start using Saul Alinsky's techniques against the left.  I'm here to tell you - we don't want to use the Alinsky playbook!  Better to lose the fight than to lose our soul.  The Alinsky method involves deception, manipulation, willful and deliberate damage to the country in order to seize power for your cause. That is not a place honest Americans should go -- EVER. The left has one tool to use against us that we cannot and should never use -- the belief that it's okay to lie if your cause is righteous. So long as you believe you are right, Alinsky and Marx see no problem in creating massive deception to get the power you need to force your beliefs on others.

That's why I'm always nagging conservatives to be absolutely certain sure we are telling the truth when we present our arguments. The truth, certain, sure and always is the ONLY tool we have against organized lying. When we pick up lies as tools ourselves, we join the dark side. I don't care how good the story is or how much we wish it were true. Let's wait for the facts before we use them in an argument.

That's all I'm saying.


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