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Friday, October 02, 2009

The Good Doctor Objects....

I wrote a note last night on one of the 912 forums asking some of the guys to hold off with the long garbled posts that make us sound like conspiracy theory nuts.

I got this response back (as written):
Tom, I don't see where a little talk about coordinated efforts to destroy our Conjtitutional Republic are inappropraiate? Do you NOT believe there is codordination or is this all random?

Dr. Schell

Well, aside from 3 misspellings in 2 sentences (about average for the good Doctor).....

No, Dr. Schell, I don't mind a discussion of efforts to take apart our constitutional republic. I absolutely believe these guys are reading from the "March to Socialism" playbook as outlined by Marx, Alinsky and others. They telegraph their blows. They are almost cartoons of themselves in the sheer awkwardness of their attempts to crash the economy and replace it with a socialist state with an elite group of so-called intellectuals wielding almost absolute power. I absolutely believe that, unchecked, the Democrats will soon have us hearing the sound of jack boots in the streets.

What I AM saying is that there is plenty of rope out there to hang these guys with without having to sound like propeller-headed, UFO abductees.
We need to speak clearly (cut the kook jargon). Make sure our facts are correct and provable, not just what my cousin's hairdresser's plumbers, mother's podiatrist said he heard outside the day care center where a CIA agent sends his children.

We need to spell at least well enough so no one notices when we miss a word or two (that's why we have spell checkers). We need to hand people no more information than they can handle at one time.

We can win this thing with measured, carefully researched, intelligent argument. Ten page, single-spaced, poorly spelled, jargon-filled diatribes with abysmal grammar make us look like schizophrenics or manic depressives having a psychotic break. How about let's not do that.

At least limit your posts to maybe 3 points, clearly presented. Much more than that gets lost - like with this post. It's already gone on too long. I've probably lost some of you three paragraphs back and now you are  hammering away at the word processor, cutting and pasting pages of what you believe is lucid and clearly reasoned prose into the hundred and twenty seventh post you've made today. I probably won't fair well in these posts, Let me go ahead and anticipate what you're going to accuse me of:

  1. 1. I'm a traitor to the cause and a closet liberal.
  2. 2. I don't care that Obama doesn't have an American birth certificate.
  3. 3. I'm a tool of the Illuminati to lull conservatives to sleep which is all part of the Trilateral Commission's sinister plot to convince us that there is no Bilderberg Conference.
Now let me answer these rebuttals to save time:
  1. 1. I hack off everybody. I'm an equal opportunity offender. I don't really line up with any ideology completely, so I'm probably not a "true" conservative as some of you define conservative.
  2. 2. Nope, I don't much care. Pass the law that makes 'em show the thing before the next election and that will solve the problem. Biden is just as dangerous, if not more so, than Obama, so getting rid of him probably won't help.
  3. 3. I don't think the guys at the Bilderberg Conference could agree on what to have for supper, much less how to take over the world. Oh, there's a plot alright, but the author is way more sinister than any of the dimwit tools that are being used to carry it out. AND only God can impeach that guy!
You see.  Nobody wants to read all this junk!

Just one man's opinion....


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