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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anybody Miss Paul Harvey?

Boy I do. I kind of wish they'd kept his broadcast going. Some of the replacement guys were pretty good. Paul Jr. even sounded like him. It looks like they simply folded up the tents when he died. It's too bad, because I miss his newscasts like I miss the old Reader's Digest (the new one's been taken over by people who no longer have anything in common with me - I don't even finish them anymore no matter how long they sit on the back of the toilet).

I kind of wonder, though, how Paul Harvey would get started now. There's not much of a place on radio for Paul's daily news broadcast and his "Rest of the Story" pieces. They don't fit neatly into the daily schedules. Talk show hosts don't much like you to take chunks of their time.

I think someone like that may eventually arise from off the Internet some day. If somebody with a consistently good 15 or 20 minute news and comment pod cast were to come up with a way to automatically send you their podcast every day directly to your computer, that might work. I'd fire up the Windows Media Player once a day to listen to something like that.

Maybe I'll do that. It might be fun. Get some sponsors eventually. Who knows.

I'd have to work on my sign off.

This is Tom King reporting from deep in America's heartland.

Have a good one!

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