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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bored? You've Got to Be Kidding

I was cruising my bulletin board on MySpace and found several messages from 20 somethings claiming to be bored. How is that possible? Who has the time to be bored?

The world is huge. We have surrounding us so many things to do and see that one lifetime is not enough to do and see it all. It remains for God to grant us immortality for us to have even a chance to be bored.

From where I sit, I see a shelf with some 250 books, each requiring about 3-6 hours to read if you read very fast. In front of me is a television hooked to a satellite dish with 150 channels. Below the TV is a drawer containing some 75 DVDs and a shelf with more video tapes than that. There are 3 shelves stuffed with more than 100 books on tape, a drawer full of CD's and another bookshelf with about 100 books in it downstairs. In the shed I have 5 boxes of audio tapes and some boxes of books my wife made me put there because she says we don't have room for them all in the house. I have a shelf in my closet with 15-20 board games, card games and then there's the video game channel on my satellite dish. I have about 10 video games on my computer (there are two laptops and two desktops in the house and 5 television sets). Each game would take about 5-10 hours to finish just one run through and some of them offer dozens of different scenarios. I can download games for free from the Internet if I run out of games or borrow some from one of the kids. I have a music program someone gave me that lets me compose music on my keyboard and print out sheet music once I'm done. I can transfer videos to DVD's on my DVD recorder, copy DVD's, create photo and video programs on my computer, turn audio tapes into DVD's and Photoshop my photographs so I look like I've lost 50 pounds and grown my hair back - how cool is that!!!

I can paste my head on Johnny Weissmueller's body and print out fake Tarzan posters with me in the starring role! I can find clips from old movies on-line and watch them. I can go to You-tube and watch the next generation ride skateboards off of roofs and land astraddle of a steel handrail, insuring they will not likely procreate - which may prove Darwin correct after all! How much fun is that.

We have 5 guitars, a fiddle, a banjo, a dulcimer, piano, 2 bodhrans, an alto recorder, penny whistle, jaw harp, a kazoo and a bag full of harmonicas, all of which I need to practice on if I'm ever going to learn to play them. I've got two astronomical telescopes and the pieces of one I haven't finished building yet, a pair of binoculars and a bird book and a pair of hawks that live in a tree across the street to watch. I have pieces of cherry wood a friend gave me and a Dremel moto-tool for carving the engraved wooden box I'm building for my wife. There's a fire in my fireplace and a refrigerator and shelves full of food and a cabinet with about 20 recipe books in it so that I can make all kinds of really good stuff to eat. There's a fresh loaf of homemade honey wheat bread I made last night.

I've got a catamaran with a broken rudder I need to finish repairing so I can go sailing. I've got two canoes and two sailboards that need to be cleaned for the season and taken out on the lake or down to the river for a paddle. I've got 3 bicycles that need to some maintenance so I can go riding with my grandkids. My granddaughter is downstairs working on her homework and probably will be upstairs soon wanting me to help with her latest last minute essay.

I have a giant plastic box full of photos and negatives in the closet that I am trying to scan into my computer so I can organize them and make photo memory books for each of my kids. I have a book I've written, and one my wife has written that I need to sell to a publisher (which could take me writing some 50 letters before I even get a nibble). I have another two books I'm writing, four websites I manage and need to update, 4 e-mail boxes to tend to and a book of songs I'm working on for our youth group that needs some new songs added to it. I also write 4 weblogs and manage two MySpace pages.

I'm writing 7 grants in the coming 3 weeks and creating a 5 year budget for a wildlife refuge expansion project. AND I HAVEN'T DONE MY TAXES YET!!!!!

It's Sabbath afternoon and I'm sitting in a wonderfully comfortably La-Z-Boy recliner by a warm fire on a rainy day with my family all around and I could sure use a nap (see above).

I'm almost 53 years old and I know I'm not going to live long enough to get everything done that I want to do, much less what I have to do.

I have the entire Internet full of amazing stuff to see and do and read and what do I see on the bulletin board but a bunch of 14-28 year olds whining about being bored?

Man I wish I could trade places with you guys. Then you would only have a few years till you were dead and I'd have time and energy to do all the fun stuff I want to do, but will probably run out of time to do.

Now get up off your butt and go find something fun to do for crying out loud!!!!!!

I don't want to hear anything more about anybody who is under 75 and not paralyzed from the neck down being bored!!!

Just one man's opinion....

Tom King

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