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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Well That Explains That!

Reuters: Ex-Microsoft Manager Plans to Create First U.S. Marijuana Brand

Apparently Jamen Shively,a former Microsoft corporate strategy manager is branching out.  Literally.

The 45 year old Microsoft strategery executive has decided that now that pot is legal in the Evergreen State, Mr. Shively is setting up a Seattle-based enterprise destined to become in Mr. Shively's words, "a leader in both recreational and medical cannabis."

Shively has compared his vision to that of another Seattle-based retail giant, Starbucks .  I suppose we'll soon see an "Acapulco Gold's" or "Panama Red's" on every street corner in short order.  I can hardly wait.  Shively figures that with a good brand name he could capture 40 percent of the worldwide market, estimated at at $142 billion according to a 2005 UN report.

I just wonder if Mr. Shively got into the pot business as a result of his experience with Microsoft.  It would certainly explain how Microsoft could call what they've done to my computer the last several times an "update".

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