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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting Settled In

We're in the Carriage House to the right.
 Just a personal note this time. We're all moved in to the carriage house.  It's a lovely writer's retreat.  Nice folk in the big house.  Wife's a teacher.  Husband owns a music store.  They're a couple of years older than us.  Alan even offered to sell me a banjo at cost through his music store.  That's cool.  I may even be able to take him up on it soon if my writing business keeps picking up.  Right now I've got more work than I can do - all of it pays reasonably well too. 

Still got to get down to Texas to get my truck, but it's forced me to get to know my "friends" here better.  Last night we bummed a ride to Wal-Mart with a buddy and his wife and new baby.  Lovely people.  On the way home up the driveway we met a couple of deer - both does - coming down the road.  Lovely  creatures that just run wild in the neighborhood.  The place has scads of birds and squirrels. My dog is in barking at the trees heaven.  It's all she can do to keep the squirrels in their trees where they belong.  Should take a little weight off her.

It's a quarter mile to the mailbox and the dog and I hike it two or three times a day (her favorite pooping spot is in a patch of woods about half a mile from the house).

We have a wood Franklin style fireplace to heat the house.  Splitting wood for it gives me some badly needed upper body workouts every morning.  I'm thinking of taking my machete and cutting some hiking trails through the woods.

Now that we're in this quiet place, Sheila is beginning to heal. Our diet has improved (less greasy hamburger).  I've restocked the pantry and fridge and scouted out next summer's blackberry picking ground. There's even a big freezer in the garage to store berries and produce. 

I've even ordered a case of my favorite vegetarian food - Loma Linda Tender-Bits and plan to barbecue up a can of them when they get here tomorrow.  Mmmmmm.  Mama's Southern style mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese, a tossed salad with Honeymama's homemade wheat rolls.  Life is good again......
To all my friends who have remembered us in their worked!  God blessed us and we thank you all so much and Him most of all.

Still pickin'


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