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Friday, May 20, 2011

What's a Friend - A Man's View

 I saw this post the other day on Facebook asking what was the definition of a true friend.  It was, of course, posted by a woman.  Lots of women answered.

  • A true friend is one who sticks by you (or has your back) through thick and thin.
  • A friend is someone who will listen to you talk about your feelings and relationships without being judgmental
  • A friend will listen to your life story and share hers with you.
  • A friend anticipates your needs, knows when you need a cup of tea or a piece of chocolate cake without your asking
Well, all of those only apply to "girl" friends. Guy friends are nothing like that. A guy friend will pitch you out of the bass boat if you start talking about relationships and the closest he'll get to anticipating your needs is if he offers you a cold one while he's fishing in the cooler anyway. He might offer you some of his chips, but for him, chocolate is merely a snack food that you keep handy in case your girl friend starts getting cranky and not a religious experience. Guy friends are different.
  • They are people you fish with and eat fatty foods while watching football with.  
  • They play softball on your church league team and wear the stupid shirt, even though they might not have the wind to get around the bases, if they did miraculously hit a home run.
  • They give you a lift to the auto parts place and then stick around to help you fix your truck. 
  • They listen to you tell improbable stories and tell some whoppers right back at you.  
  • They lend you tools, then stand around and watch you do all the work. 
  • They sympathize with you when you're in trouble with your "Girl" friend for not listening to her go on and on about relationships, feelings and people who have done her wrong. 
  • Guy friends are uncomfortable shopping together, but will go with your if you're going to a sporting goods place, bait shop or hardware store.  They hit the store like the Marines taking a beachhead - all business!  
  • A Guy friend won't make you talk about your feelings, but will help you barbecue enough food to feed a small army. 
  • A Guy friend will sit on the back porch in silence with you for two hours with nothing but a cold drink and a bug zapper for entertainment and call it "good times" when he thinks back on it.
Women will never EVER understand that, though some have learned to appreciate the beauty of the thing.

Just one man's opinion.

Tom King

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