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Sunday, May 01, 2011

On Sheep and Wolves

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 Is it necessary to become wolves
in order for sheep to defend
themselves from predators?

My friend, Duane, sent me this interesting quotation.

"A society of sheep must
in time beget a
government of wolves
and it is useless for the
sheep to pass resolutions
in favour of vegetarianism
whilst the wolf remains
of a different opinion."

Dean William R. Inge

While a probable truism for the world as it is, assuming man is on his own in the vasty universe, there is one factor that will, prevent this principle from playing out as an inevitability. Yes, it is likely true that the wolves will inevitably dominate if they are the top of the food chain in a world controlled by evolutionary forces alone, but.....

We humble sheep do, after all, have a Shepherd to protect us from the wolves!

It's a flaw in Christians that we carry with us from the old life of sin that we have this sneaking suspicion that God's intervention on our behalf is somehow inadequate and that He somehow needs our help if the flock is to be maintained properly.  We somehow carry with us this nagging need to "help out the shepherd" even though He has made it quite clear that our safety and our eventual salvation is something we cannot accomplish by our own merits or efforts. The Shepherd cautions us that our own hard work will not save us. Our future depends on our faith in Him.  He says be wise as serpents, but gentle as doves. At no time are we instructed, however, to become like serpents, or wolves for that matter in order to help save ourselves.

What about when wolves seek to destroy us as they have so often in the past? My study of history shows that governments may come and governments may go, but the faithful remain. There is a reason that when God does send angels to intervene for us, the first thing they always say is "Fear not!"

In these trying times, I would counsel all my brothers and sisters in the faith to fear not. Study, pray and do the work God puts before you. Let the Shepherd protect the flock. It would not be a good idea to become wolves simply because we are afraid of them. We have a far greater protector; one stronger than any enemy the wolves can send against us.

Tom King - Tyler, TX

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