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Monday, March 09, 2009

An Open Letter to the People of Great Britain

March 9, 2009

Dear Friends in Britain:

I would like to personally apologize for the shabby treatment received by Prime Minister Brown on his recent trip to the United States of America. President Obama's behavior toward Mr. Brown was not at all in accordance with the deep feelings of kinship that all thinking Americans have towards Great Britain and her people.

Great Britain is not just "another nation like all the rest" as some White House flunky so badly put it. You are our nation's spiritual parent and you are our brothers in arms. You have fought alongside us in every conflict that has challenged our two nations for more than a century. We share a deep love of liberty and together believe that great power should be used for great good.

I and many of my fellow Americans pledge ourselves today to seek new leadership for our country; a leadership that does recognize who our friends are and that understands how to treat those friends with the respect and honor due them. We are deeply sorry for any offense Mr. Obama may have given to Mr. Brown, to Queen Elizabeth or to the people of Great Britain.

While I may not have voted for the guy, he does represent me and he will hear of my displeasure. He has asked us for our cooperation as patriotic Americans in these trying times. Well, in return, we expect to get a little cooperation from him as well. One thing we absolutely insist on is that he not insult or belittle our friends - not now. Not in these times when dark forces are arrayed against us.

Thank you for your patience. Pray for us! We're really going to need it!


Tom King
Flint, Texas

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