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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Iran's Gonna Make a Bomb!

I am shocked!

After all we did for them, the Iranians have gone and made up some fissile nuclear materials. That's atomic bomb making stuff for those of you who aren't technical.

I mean really....

1. We got rid of George Bush and his toadies and replaced all those nasty Republicans with a bunch of lovely Democrats.

2. We elected the first Black President who understands Muslims because he once attended Muslim schools and had a Muslim dad!

3. We ended the Iraq war of aggression the first day he was in office like he promised. Didn't we?

4. We're busily impoverishing ourselves in the name of global warming so that we too can be a third world country and no longer have any economic advantages over anyone.

5. We're going socialist!

6. We're going to talk to them without conditions. We've explained that we're going to be nice now and negotiate.

7. We're going to strip down our military and mostly have them point their guns at Americans instead of picking on all the innocent people of the world.

8. We're going to stop hogging up everyone's oil and using more than our share of the world's resources.

9. We've spoken sharply to Israel and told them they shouldn't be picking on Hamas like that AND we're giving 9 tenths of a billion dollars to Hamas to refurbish the Gaza Strip.

10. Besides, we told them how nice we all are now that the evil Republicans have been defeated.

So why are the Iranians working on a bomb? I thought if we did all that stuff they were going to suddenly love us and become all peaceful and sweet.


I'm just sayin'


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