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Friday, September 26, 2008

Lying Lies and the Liars Who Tell Them

I want to apologize, in advance, for lecturing. I've been getting new variants of old e-mails with a new wrinkle designed to deceive people into passing them along.

What they do is put a line in it that says, "I checked this at....." and it gives a weblink. People look at that and go, "It must be okay, he checked." Then people send the hysterical e-mail warning on to 25 people in their address book. Ironically, if you actually check the Snopes link, it tells you that the e-mail is false. Tragically, you actually have to read the Snopes page to find out.

It’s just that some of what I see in the sending of subtly false e-mails by malicious individuals who wrote the originals and which take advantage of the trust of folks is the same technique I see being used elsewhere on the political scene nationally and internationally. What I believe is that the father of lies is seeking to deceive, if possible, the very elect in what looks like the beginning of the last days of Earth's history.

If Satan can use our trusting natures to spread confusion amongst humans, if he can discredit us by putting untruths in our mouths, even inadvertently on our part, so that you can't tell what's the truth, then he accomplishes his work bit by bit.

Because most of us don’t understand how computers work, we are particularly vulnerable to the “sky is falling” type of e-mail warning. In reality, you can avoid most problems by keeping your anti-virus programs up to date, by avoiding visiting dangerous sites and by using a malware program to scan your computer regularly. If you don’t open attachments you didn’t expect to get, that helps too.

In the same way, because most of us don't understand the financial system, we are particularly vulnerable to a stream of hysterical news reports that the "sky is falling". So what do we do? It seems to me we find folks we trust and try to tell the truth and ferret out the lies as best we can. I figure if we all stick together and help each other, the forces of darkness will find it harder to pick us off one by one.

It may seem extreme to treat hoax e-mails as the work of Satan, on a par with the vast deception being carried out in the national news, but here’s why I do. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame people who get taken in by these things. These e-mail hoax writers use a remarkable understanding of human psychology to decieve people and cause them to feel anxiety, distrust and fear. It actually makes me very angry at the original hacker who writes this stuff because it uses the better instincts and traits of good people in an attempt to deceive them. When we understandably want to warn our friends about this danger, then these little varmints laugh behind their sleeves at the people they have fooled.

Well shame on them!!!

What is remarkable is that this same technique is being played out on the world stage with virtually no difference in the basic method or purpose. Lies are being told and passed on from person to person. They look like the truth, they sound like the truth. They wear the clothing of truth, but underneath is a fabric of lies.

If you listen to the news today, you will likely hear stories that sound true, that frighten you and make you believe a certain thing that evil people want you to believe and the purpose of all that is to convince us to give up our liberty, our religion and our self-determination in exchange for the perception of safety. The safety offered, sadly is a safety from a threat that was never real in the first place; that was artificially created in order to maneuver us into being afraid and willingly giving up our fundamental rights in order to “fix the problem”. I believe that the problem with our financial system was deliberately created for the express purpose of discrediting capitalism and the free market system, opening the door to socialism and robbing us of those rights we once took for granted.

I see the signs that Christ is coming everywhere and the signs that Satan is actively seeking to deceive and destroy us. A powerful, centralized socialist/communist worldwide governement will provide the vehicle for Satan's servants to assume the overlordship of the entire Earth. They're talking an international currency and surrender of our sovereignity to world government and they are using our financial crisis as the excuse.

And what is really happening. We're watching an elaborate form of theater. The crisis is created in our minds. The whole thing is a tissue of lies in a house of mirrors and yet people will starve because of it. The government is buying up our economy with our own money. It's scary.

It’s time to pray and hang together. We do not have to fear. God is with us. We just have to make sure we know what's a lie and what's the truth. So, how do we do that?

"By their fruits shall ye know them."

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