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Sunday, September 21, 2008

He WILL get us out of Iraq.

Barak Obama's promise to get us out of Iraq and massively reduce the size of our military is one promise in all this election campaign that I truly believe. (We really need another Vietnam to boost morale in our military services)

His promise to increase the size of domestic police forces - I believe! (No more of those pesky demonstrations).

His promise to increase the size of government and the complexity of government regulation - I believe! (Nothing greases the wheels of American business like a lot of regulation)

His promise to increase taxes - I believe! (Never can have too many of those. Nothing energizes the economy like a lot of taxes)

His promise to give us change - I believe it! (No more of those pesky paper bills in our pay envelopes)

That's about it. The rest is pretty much bull!

I've been practicing the Old Soviet National Anthem on my banjo. I've got a feeling it may come in handy!!!

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