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Friday, December 16, 2016


IT WORKS! Our Maytag dryer began to scream at Sheila when she turned it on. I pulled her apart (the dryer, not the wife) and found a jammed dryer belt tension roller. Apparently they pick up bits of dust, lint, oil and some unidentified sticky substance over time and the roller has to be cleaned or replaced. I pulled the sticky roller off the shaft, cleaned the inside of the roller with a Q-tip and quick spritz of WD-40 (God bless NASA for that stuff) and then washed the outside of the shaft and rubbedf oil on it. 

Then I pushed the roller back down onto the shaft. It rotates nice and smoothly now and the dryer no longer screams when you turn it on. (I'm sorry, all you 15 year old males - you may now go take a cold shower). I only had to consult Youtube a couple of times on how to remove the top, and open up the front to get the belt off (seriously guys, go take a cold shower).

You learn a lot about home appliance repair when all your life you pray before you decide what jobs to take. I'm not saying God doesn't pay well, but I think when they talk about God giving you abundance, perhaps it may be an abundance of skills that he gives you in some cases, or maybe an abundance of children or an abundance of work to do. I'm pretty sure He wasn't strictly talking about an abundance of cash necessarily.

Hey, I can fix dryers and sometimes washers if nothing complex is going on. It's a skill that comes in handy a lot and saves a lot of money. It's a skill I learned because God chose not to make me rich.

Thanks, God. I'll take it!

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Mark Milliorn said...

Three times a week I am sentenced to go to Cardiac Revenge (Rehab) where Frau Body Pain (the cute blonde who runs it) tortures me on the rack (various exercise machines). Trust me, having a cute young blonde screaming "More! More! Harder!" at you is not necessarily a good thing.

Somehow, my fantasies of such a situation were remarkably more fun than reality.

Tom King said...

I recently had a colonoscopy. The nurses were attractive, but somehow that made it worse. They say you don't remember a thing. They lied! The only thing that the anesthesia seemed to have done is to scramble my brilliant (at least in my head)dissertation on the superiority of non-Keynesian economics. I got lost somewhere between my head and my mouth, though I did get a good laugh during the bit about the Laffer curve. That was gratifying.

That happens sometimes, but usually I can't blame it on the drugs.

Tom King said...

I just realize how elderly we're starting to sound, Mark. I'm writing about washing machine repair and somehow we wound up talking about our most recent medical procedures. As that great philosopher Charles Brown would have said, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!"