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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Forty Two Years and Counting

Every day I get a friend request on Facebook from one or two narcissistic females who post nothing but selfies on their home page. Are these girls really so desperate for compliments that they are willing to post photos that objectify themselves? It's kind of sad. Most are pleasant enough looking girls, but is that all they've got? Is there no brain back there with ideas and dreams and passions (and I don't mean long walks on the beach and cuddling by the fire)?

Have some self-respect girls. Any man worth his salt isn't interested in a girl he can use. He is looking for a woman who is his match in every way; one who challenges him, inspires him and who cares enough about him that she takes the trouble to "get" him in a way that no one else does.

That's how you get to your 42nd anniversary like my Sweet Baboo and I did today. You find someone real who uses her brain for something besides filler for a big hollow thing to which she attaches hair extensions, applies colorful paints and hangs big dangly earrings.

And to the woman for whom I would give my life, "Happy Anniversary, my darling." I look forward to millions more.

Love always and forever,


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Mark Milliorn said...

Another strange coincidence. The Doc and I have been married forty-two years, also. When the preacher sad, "....til death do you part," little did we know that we were setting a goal.

After forty-two years, I am sure you will understand--though many readers will probably not--that divorce is unthinkable. Murder, maybe, but never divorce.

Tom King said...

We once had a college student who worked for us at our daycare center. He got married and they stopped by after their honeymoon. As they were talking about plans for the future, they mentioned buying a house together if they were still married by the time they could afford it.

It's like they already had the parachutes on ready to jump out. Do they get those at the altar or as wedding gifts from the increasingly defeatist culture they grew up in.

Congrats to you and the Doc. You belong to a dying breed. I mean that in a good way.