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Monday, September 16, 2013

Facebook Guilt Trips & True Friendship

I get tired of the guilt trips people on Facebook keep trying to put on people who are supposed to be their friends. It's all about love people and about understanding what that truly means. If you have "friends" who never "like" you or send you Farmville bunnies, don't get all in a snit and delete them because they aren't "true friends".

Instead, ask yourself, "What have I done to be a true friend to them?"  Do I send them stuff designed to make them feel guilty and force them share my stuff or say nice things to me so I won't delete them? That's not friendship. That's blackmail and incredibly self-centered. 

If that's what your friendship is about, then delete me, but know this. I won't delete you because you don't have time to read my 5 blogs or my interminable Facebook posts on politics, religion and banjos. If I make you smile once in a while or feel better, then that's fine. It is what I intend to do. I don't need you to pat me on the head for it. My self-esteem is quite intact, thank you.

Just read and enjoy and perhaps smile a little - it's all guilt free.

With love and understanding,



Marty Strickland said...

Tom, I started on your most recent blog today, and have worked my way back to this one. I jave really enjoyed these blogs, and your facebook posts. I live in, and am from Keene. I have read some of your other blogs that you linked to facebook in times past. You are an excellent writer. The other day, you were talking about your day-care business that you used to have. I am pretty sure yours is the one I went to, by the way you described it. It was across from the duck pond, right? I learned phonics there, and when I went to kindergarten at KAES, they put me in 1st grade after one day, because I could already read and write. I think the lady in charge at the day care was Miss Massey, if I remember right. I do remember that I caused her much, much grief, to the point to where she probably regretted taking the job there. Anyways, I just wanted to say God bless, and keep up the good work. You are a very talented writer, and very effective at getting your point across. Thank you.

Tom King said...

We didn't run the college day care center. You are right, Mrs. Massey did. We tried our daughter Meghan there, but she didn't do well at all. After the college day care closed, we opened ours on 4th street right under the big blue Water Tower. It was called Lil' Britches daycare. Sorry we missed you. We had a lot of fun at L.B.D.C. while we were open. We took care of a lot of kids and we got to be home for our kids when they got out of school. Thank you for your kind words. - Tom King