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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

75% Chance of Weather...Seattle Braces for "Storm"

(c) 2011 by Tom King
Massive puddles left after last night's terrifying "storm".
PUYALLUP, WA:  11:30 PM - The big news story tonight - big Pacific storm bears down on Washington. Three-fourths of tonight's newscast from Seattle concerned the approaching cataclysm. In breathless tones, the weatherman warned of gusts of 30 and perhaps 40 miles per hour. Up to two hour long power outages could be expected. There might be thunder and two inches of rain. Oooooooh! We'll be dragging the neo-pagans down off the volcano and rescuing virgins in the morning if there's actual lightning and thunder..... They call this weather up here. It is to laugh!! I'll check in tomorrow and let you know how we survived the night.
PUYALLUP, WA:  11:30 PM - Wow what a night. Winds of 20 to 30 mph. And it rained ALL NIGHT LONG. My goodness there were actual puddles this morning and moisture on our bedroom windowsill by the open window. The powerful winds ripped leaves right off the trees - especially the red, yellow and brown ones. Volunteers struggled to keep the storm drains clear. Public officials passed out free orange safety vests (I kid you not) for folks who volunteered to man their neighborhood storm drains and keep the leaves off the grates with a rake. Occupy Wall Street Seattle protesters were forced to order extra lattes to keep warm this morning. 
On TV they interviewed a guy last night during the nonstop coverage of the approaching "storm" - some college professor - who said he wasn't scared. He said he liked "weather" and thought it was good for our character to experience the odd storm or two.

Perhaps he's right. If so, that may explain Seattle.......

Meanwhile, Daisy, the dog, and I are taking our umbrella and going for a walk in the driving drizzle this morning. It's risky, I know, but Daisy needs to poop and, being from Texas, we have to get our wild weather fix where we can get it!
Tom King

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