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Friday, October 28, 2011

Miracle - Micah's last song

My young-un's, Matt and Meghan and friends Scott, Dunn and Lexa doing a song that Micah wrote the lyrics for shortly before he died. The sound isn't the best, but these are the words.....

Lyrics by Micah King / Music by Matt King

The Son of David born, To the earth and for the people
One worthy of our faith and love, A prophet deemed by grace
To teach the word of God, Condemned by mortal man
Obeyed by all who dedicate, To His eternal plan

I’ve heard how You fed thousands, With only 2 fish & 5 loaves of bread
I heard You parted waters, For the people that Moses led
I’ve heard You walked on water, And made a blind man see
Now I pray to Heaven’s Keeper, Lay a blessing down on me

A promise of salvation, To all who seek Your truth
A gift sent straight from Heaven, I am Your living proof
The promise through Your hands, My map was carved in stone
The tools I need to reach thee, To one day reach my home

I know of all Your miracles, Feel Your Spirit enter me
Come from the dark into the light, I follow faithfully
You put Your spirit in my soul, Was blind but now I see
Worked wonders for my heart and soul, Your miracle is me

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