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Monday, August 30, 2010

Isn't God On Our Side?

At the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington Saturday, Glenn Beck said that God is not on your side. Instead, he challenged his audience to "Put yourself in a position where you are on His side." This confused some folks.  After all, isn't God on our side if we are doing right?

I think Glenn Beck was absolutely right. I know what he meant.  God doesn't pick sides. He loves everyone equally.  He is "no respecter of persons".  God wants to be on everyone's side.

The question really is not whether God selects your side to favor. The question is whether you choose to be on God's side and give up the idea that your side even belongs to you.  It doesn't, you know. The great issue of our day comes down to good versus evil?  Do we follow God's leading? Do we hand our lives over to him to mold us and make us into decent, kind and free people or do we rebel?  Obedience or rebellion to God are the only two choices. There is no neutral third choice.

In fact, if you have a "side" that you think belongs to you, then it's not very likely that that side is God's side is it? Mine or God's? That's the real choice isn't it?  Am I on God's side or my side? After all, when you think about it, the devil's side is the penultimate "MY SIDE".  It's the side of self-interest, self-promotion, self-first. If you are on "My Side", then the Devil is on your side.  Good luck with that. You may want to reconsider who your allies are there.

I'm just telling you what I think.

Tom King - Tyler, TX

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