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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Coming CIA Purge*

The Obama administration has signalled that it may prosecute members of the CIA for "human rights violations". This does not surprise me at all.

If the left is to secure a permanent lock on power, one of the first things they must control is the flow or information. One of the chief sources of information for a president is the Central Intelligence Agency. When President Bush came into office, the CIA leaned significantly left after 8 years under President Clinton. My wife and I have a relatively who works for the agency. He predicted at the time that President Bush would be the worst president ever. The basis for his prediction was apparently that the president was a conservative. I got the impression that his opinion was also the corporate opinion at CIA.

That doesn't surprise me much. It's a romantic notion that intelligent spies could manipulate events and people to accomplish some greater good. It's the same notion that drives socialism, Marxism and other forms of tyranny - the idea of an intelligent elite who control things for the good of the ignorant masses. The idea of a conservative, that believes in smaller, less intrusive government, free markets and doing things in the world to stop evil-doers, rather than just observing passively and commenting with a know nod, probably frightened the bejeebers out of the CIA. Like the perfumed princes in the military, the lords of CIA much prefer pretending to be soldiers or spies. It's much safer than actually risking your life in a fight.

When George Tenet resigned in the wake of 9/11 and intelligence failures in the run up to the Iraq war, Porter Goss, his replacement attempted to make cultural changes to CIA. One thing he evidently did was instruct analysts to tell the president the truth. He wanted them to quit filtering the information and presenting analysis to the president that was colored by political ideology rather than facts. In other words, Goss wanted them to tell the president what was really going on and not what they thought the president ought to know about what was going on. This reduced the CIA role to being an encyclopedia and highly detailed news source rather than an influeintial policy advisor and, if truth be told, a manipulator of presidential opinion.

George Tenet, Bush's first CIA director, was a Democrat by training who served in the Clinton administration. His career as director was acknowledged to have increased morale at the CIA. It's little wonder. Bureaucrats tend to lean left. The left supports larger government, greater control by government and more intrusive control. No agency has a more congruent mission with the left than CIA. Goss's attempts to change the CIA culture were met with fierce resistance. There was rejoicing in the agency when he resigned and many left leaning agents returned to administrative positions in CIA. The coming of Obama was met with euphoria in the ranks and a wild hope for a restoration of the CIA to it's former glories. Obama seeks greater government control over events at home and abroad. The CIA with its massive information gathering capacity is the very agency to help him achieve that.

But first, before the left can solidify it's hold on the nation's premiere spy agency, the conservatives that have crept into the agency over the past 8 years must be dealt with. This past week, the President announced the beginning of what promises to be a pogrom of politically non-aligned CIA agents. The prosecution of those responsible for so-called "human rights abuses" is the perfect vehicle to accomplish that purpose. When the "cleansing" is done, the CIA will be a reliable tool for a powerful leftist government. Bush era appointees and recruits to the agency are probably working on their resignation letters and cutting deals to avoid prosecution right now.

The CIA is a dangerous thing. In the hands of the current administration and Congress, it a tool for making bad things happen quickly. The relative who works in the CIA told me once, "If you knew half of the stuff that goes on in the world, you wouldn't be able to sleep at night." I bet if I knew half of what was going on at CIA right now, I wouldn't be able to catch even an afternoon nap!

Just one man's opinion....

Tom King

*This blog is for entertainment purposes only. The author knows absolutely nothing about the CIA or President Obama or anything the Left is up to. Please do not hurt my kitty cat, leave dead horse parts in my bed or attach anything electronic under the seat of my truck as I am basically harmless and not worth the powder it would take to blow me up.

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Tammy said...

It's good to see the communistic aspects of purges in our own government. Once the conservatives are purged from the CIA, they will be purged from the FBI and military. Once conservatives have been purged, they will look into their own party and purge moderate Democrats, similiar to National Socialism's Night of Long Knives.