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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah Palin

The media will never get Sarah Palin. Those who lust for power will never understand a person who simply wishes to serve the people and then go home. We are in the hands of evil people. All they care about is getting power. As Air Force Col John Boyd once told his young officers in his revolutionary fighter tactics classes, "You can choose to be someone or do something. One path will lead to power, money, promotion and good assignments and you will compromise your principles and betray your friends. The other path will lead you to controversy, poor assignments, lost promotions and resentment by people in power, but you will hold fast your principles, remain loyal to your friends and you just might do something worth doing."

This is the path Sarah Palin has chosen. The media will never understand. To them it is more important to be someone than to do something. We are in the hands of Satan's minions.


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