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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Devil Doesn't Like Me Very Much

Murphy's Law states that "Everything that can go wrong will go wrong."

Tom's corollary to Murphy's Law states that "You'll probably be dress inappropriately when it does...."

Like when my tire blew out last weekend and I was wearing my very nice shirt and tie and was on my way to church and had to crawl under the truck and fish around a mud-encrusted spare to figure out how to lower it so I could change the tire.

Like the time my brother and I dug a friend named Steve D. out of the mud when he slid his car across an intersection and draped the front wheels over the edge of a curb and the wheels sank axle deep into a mudhole. Donny and I were wearing old jeans and t-shirts. The reason I say I was dressed inappropriately was that Steve was wearing a suit, so, of course he couldn't get down in the mud to dig himself out so that his Mom wouldn't find out and take away his driving privileges for the next 20 years. So guess who wound up down in the mudhole in a cold drizzling rain?

That's right, the King Boys to the rescue! We walked home afterward by the way. We were too dirty to ride in his Mom's newly liberated car!!! Didn't want to explain the dirt to his Mom.

Later his mom took an irrational dislike to me and told someone I was, "of the devil". She tried to hide my future wife from me, but I drove 500 miles through a howling hurricane to marry the woman - though I had to shave my beard off to get into the place where they'd hid her.

Oh, well. Life has been nothing, if not, character building. If you love God and are "called according to his purpose" all things eventually work together for good, but just not right away most of the time.

If you follow Christ, Satan will really come to hate you and throw all kind of nasty things at you. Ask Job if you don't believe me. I've done the "ash pile with a potsherd" thing and it's not a real load of fun.

But when all is said and done, I still agree with Job. "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him." Actually, being slain would likely prove quite restful....

As we watch this scary old world roll down to its final chapter, there are plenty of frightening things going on. Lots of bad people doing bad things out there.

But when all is said and done, if we are clothed with the salvation of Christ, we don't need to worry about Tom's corollary to Murphy's Law. We know we'll have our wardrobe right.

I'm just sayin'


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