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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Okay, I've Had IT!!!!

I'm getting tired of the spleen being vented against President Bush by the media, left wing bloggers and every self-appointed arbiter of the American conscience. I can hardly turn on the TV or open a paper without someone screaming about what a horrible president that George W. Bush has been. He gets blamed for the economy which, seemed to be coming back up until about 18 months ago when what exactly happened?


That's right, the sheep who make up the American electorate decided that it was time for a change and elected a Democratic majority to the House and Senate. It takes about a year and a half for the effects of a new congress to be felt in the economy.

But President Bush, who cannot pass any bills or laws on his own hook, gets the blame for the collapsing stock market (which hasn't collapsed yet despite the hysteria) and the housing market and soaring oil prices. OPEC is merrily sticking it to us and guess what the Dem's want to do? Hey, let's revisit the 70's and do a Windfall Profits Tax to punish the evil oil companies.

We've got a gang of chuckleheads running things in Washington who have initiated policies that have strangled energy companies by prohibiting new oil exploration, new refinery construction, new nuclear energy projects and other sensible approaches to increasing energy availability and saddled us with expensive bio-fuels, windmills, geo-thermal and solar energy schemes that are nowhere near ready for primetime. Remember who was in the White House last time they tried ethanol? That's right - James Earl Carter. Remember the gas lines?

They still blow off the Iraq war as some sort of insane plot to get oil for Haliburton. That evidently didn't work. There's no recognition that the Iraqi people want us there, that our soldiers are defending those people from attacks from Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other of their Arab brothers. I believe that it is a good thing that we are there. With the other Arab countries sending bombs and foreign terrorists in a stead stream across Iraq's border, somebody needs to help those people win back their country from the sick fundamentalist Islamo-facists that would turn their country into a genocidal bloodbath if the U.S. pulls out.

There is some evidence in scripture that an alliance of Arab countries and a powerful nation to the north will strike out against Israel and a nation that never did them harm. Interestingly, the only nations not mentioned as members of this attacking alliance are Iraq and Egypt. It's found in Ezekiel and it's really interesting.

For the first time I can remember, the national news media is asking on the air, "Is the end coming?" I heard a news anchor talking about Jesus coming the other day. It's incredible.

I believe the vitriol that's become endemic in our politics today is evidence that the end is at hand. Jesus said at the end of time, the world's people would be divided into sheep and goats. I think we're seeing that happening right now. I think we're seeing it manifest as the irrational hatred of one political viewpoint or the other. Christianity is ridiculed and attacked openly in the media, on the Internet and throughout the Arab world. You read things and see movies and TV shows that foster the idea that all Christians are vicious, self-righteous, gun-toting bigots.

Our president is on the receiving end of a lot of that kind of anger. It makes me think he must be doing something right.

Is the Iraq and Afghanistan war hard on us? Yes. Is it worth it? Well, I haven't seen any planes flying into large American buildings lately. Why?

Is it because terrorists think we're nice people all of a sudden? No. It can't be that because the left says that President Bush's policies make everyone hate us. So why, if they hate us more, have we not been attacked?

Could it be because we're decimating Al Quaeda's ability to make war. Is it possible they are destroying themselves trying to attack us in Afghanistan and Iraq?

No that can't be because that war is a "disaster". Nothing good can be coming out of it says the press so it therefore must be a disaster. NBC says it is so.

I'm sick of the stupid rhetoric and even more sick of the way people sit slack jawed in front of the boob tube and accept utterly blatant self-serving propaganda dished out by folks that obviously have an agenda.

Therefore: I'm going to continue my practice of praying for the safety of this country. God put us here to protect the remnants of his people from oppression and the evil designs of those who would wipe them off the face of the earth. The very existence of the United States is the reason that the Christian church remains alive in any form whatsoever. No one would attempt a total genocide of Christians simply because the U.S. might do something about it and the bad folks are afraid of us.

But once U.S. voters hand the leadership of this nation to those who hate us, hate God and love themselves above all, then the end will come soon. Without the existence of the most powerful Christian nation in the world, it will be open season on the people of God.

Fortunately, the cavalry is on the way and Jesus said we shouldn't worry.

So I won't. I may complain in this blog a little bit, but I won't worry.

Just one man's belief...

Tom King

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