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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Firing Squad as a Political Metaphor

There was a book once called "Droodles". It consisted of a series of off perspective line drawings that were difficult to identify - a combination of a doodle and a riddle - therfore, A DROODLE!

You tried to guess what they were. I remember this was one of them....

It's a bear climbing up a tree as seen from the other side...

A bunch of us in college used to do them as an intellectual exercise. One of my favorite is this one. In the original it was an "Aggie" firing squad (Texas version of the blonde joke). I like this title better - An Aerial view of a Congressional Firing Squad.
The way the presidential race is going, it could be a presidential campaign firing squad.

This one is a church or nonprofit firing squad..

If you've ever sat on a church or nonprofit board, you understand this one.

This one's an environmentalist firing squad....
A firing squad as done by Academia...

...A United Nations Firing Squad (the ones in the blue helmets)

Finally, a firing squad as done by the US military!!!

Now that's what I call "point & shoot".

Simple, goal-directed, effective!

Just one man's opinion...

Tom King

P.S. Somebody asked me what a Texas Firing Squad would look like.

Something like this......

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1 comment:

Tom King said...

We in Texas would be the ones in black and we would consider the others to be outnumbered.