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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Preparing for the end of the world....

Somebody started a discussion on global warming on one of my favorite forums ( What banjos have to do with global warming I'll never know 0ther than misguided attempts by the political correctness crowd to have banjo playing classified as a source of rural noise pollution and to include in the Kyoto Protocols, a ban on the use of banjos, accordions and bagpipes in all public places.

Actually, we've had a cool summer in Texas this year - lots of rain and flooding. It hit the 100's today for about the first time all summer. Is global cooling back? I remember 25 years ago we were gonna have an ice age for the same reasons we're now being told it'll be a melt down.

I decided after living an exciting year in Houston, Texas that it just don't make good sense to live along the coast. Hurricanes WILL hit everywhere along the coast at sometime or other. And if the sea rises or a tidal wave rolls in, it's going to be a mess. I deliberately don't live on earthquake fault lines or downrange of volcanoes. I live far enough south where blizzards are not a problem.

Our only headache here in East Texas is the odd tornado and they prefer trailer parks and small Oklahoma towns and besides they're only a couple of hundred yards wide, so if you go sideways really fast, you can avoid them most of the time.Every century you get an evil despotic dictator who starts a nasty war or conducts a genocide. Asteroids and big meteors - you're never gonna see 'em coming. Space aliens would pretty much whup us with their technology.

If the Apocalypse and the Second Coming happen, there's gonna be no place you can hide.

So, I figure I'll just sit on the porch with my banjo and work on Foggy Mountain Breakdown till I get it right. My plan is to master the high up on the neck part before we all freeze, roast, explode, get rolled over by a tank or caught up in a cloud....

It's not a big dream but it's mine.
Just one man's opinion....

Tom King


silfert said...

Please tell me you're going to Winfield this year. My husband and I must meet you! You'll get to meet another Tom King, too!

Tom King said...

I would enjoy meeting you and your husband if I knew where Winfield was and what was going on there.

I skipped over to your blog and thoroughly enjoyed the read. Who woulda thunk a blog about knitting could be funny. I added you to my feeds so I can check in once in a while and keep up with your work.

Thanks for leaving a comment. I was beginning to think I didn't have any readers. I guess I should promote my blog some, but I'm a nonprofit fund-raiser and I stay busier than a hummingbird in a flower shop. I'm so busy promoting causes I consult for that I don't have much energy left to promote my own.

Thanks for reading my stuff.