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Sunday, June 24, 2007

I've Found One!!

I've been watching the presidential debates for weeks now increasingly in despair for our country. Every candidate I've seen speaks muddled platitudes that mean next to nothing if not less than nothing. They pretend to be talking to us while watching the camera with a sidelong eye. The only one who doesn't that I've seen isn't even running for president - YET!

Someone (I forget who) said about former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson - "That's just want we need is another actor!"

Well, remembering the last actor we had as a president, I'm not so sure acting credentials ought not to be on every potential president's resume'. (Don't panic my liberal friends - Alec Baldwin and Barbara Streisand are actors!).

What's nice about Thompson is that he's also a lawyer, has experience in policy making endeavors, is in a bunch of think tanks, political watchdog groups and is a radio commentator and blogger on the side. You can read his stuff at:

It's pretty exciting reading too. Thompson is, like all politicians aware of the camera, but not in a sidelong do-I-look-pretty-for-the-camera kind of way. Instead, he looks straight through the lens, speaks straight through the microphone, projects through his written words and speaks straight to the people on the other side like you and me who are tired of wimpy politi-speak that sounds like lies no matter how the commentators layer on the frosting afterward.

I hope Fred runs. If he does, there's hope for the country. Don't know who he could get for a VP, but I may watch TV a little more and see if one pops up.

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