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Monday, January 08, 2007

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

I love this one! Everybody in the media is all up in arms over the video of a Disney employee in a Tigger costume taking a swat at a 14 year old with his heavily padded paw.

I've watched the video. I've worked with kids as a teacher, therapist, caregiver and father for a quarter of a century. I'm looking at the face of the teenage boy in question. He is grinning in not a very nice way. He is reaching behind the guy in the Tigger costume. It's not a natural arm-around-a-buddy kind of reach. He's leaning way over and it looks like he's trying to get hold of something around behind Winnie the Pooh's stripey friend.
The way Tigger swings at the kid, it looks like a reaction shot to me. There's no sense in him doing it otherwise. AND the kid is still grinning afterward - until, of course, Dad, who also smelled a rat, yelled at him and then suddenly he's saying that Tigger has caused him injury and distress and wants a personal apology. Now there's a personal injury attorney's dream scenario if there ever was one - the perp publicly apologizes thereby admitting guilt and exposing Disney to a humongous lawsuit. The family denies they want to sue. If you believe that, you're naieve.

Lawyers getting in the middle of all this is the main reason the Tigger actor can't apologize. I had someone do me wrong recently. All I wanted was an explanation, but her lawyer won't let her talk to me at all for fear of a suit. Ironically, the lawyer's advice is probably going to force me to sue the poor woman whose only sin is being selfish, breaking her agreement with my partner and me and bankrupting me in the process and forcing some families to send their loved ones to the nursing home (they call it being a smart business person these days).

I'm tired of living in a world where we can't even apologize to each other for fear of giving evidence in a lawsuit. People are greedy enough already. Ambulance chasing lawyers are only encouraging them. If you don't believe it, watch TV and count the number of lawyers out there fishing for personal injury cases.

It's raining car wrecks!
If you have XYZ disease...
If you suspect....
When you go to the hospital, complain loudly about your injuries...
Slee Z. Attorney will get you what you deserve....
From here I think I can see the end of the world.
Just One Man's Opinion...
Tom King
* The picture above is a blurred watercolor by the me based upon images in the news media of the viscious Tigger attack. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely accidentally given my pathetic artistic skills.

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