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Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Having Lots of Stories

I come from a storytelling people. My Irish ancestors steal stories from every culture on Earth and make them their own. My Cherokee ancestors told stories around the campfire on long nights. My Scots, British, German, Scandanavian and Jewish forebears told their own stories and told them quite well if you check out any decent library. 

Not everyone likes my storytelling, however. Storytelling is a gift that can be powerful, especially in an argument.

A friend of mine once complained that whenever we argue, I've always got a story that proves I'm right. The implication is, of course, that I make these stories up to prove my point.

Not so!  By the time you get to be as old as me, you've collected thousands of such stories. They shape how you think and what you believe. We call that experience. It's the best way I know to discover the truth.

If you've managed to do things in your life, if you've stepped out of your comfort zone regularly, if you've heard God's still small voice and said, "Here am I, send me," then you probably have a lot more interesting and illustrative stories than most folk.

© 2019 by Tom King


TF Badilla said...

Your comments at GoodReads give away your erudition, Mr. King; your profile points to an action- and accomplishment-man.

Keep going with the storytelling--at your preferred pace: we do not have to hurry up on some spontaneous combustion, as we naturally combust and wear away with every breath.

All the best in your direction, Tom!

Tom King said...

Thanks TF.